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Do you use organic ingredients in your products?

Our commitment to sustainability extends to our close collaboration with farmers who employ top practices to cultivate what we consider the finest peanuts globally. While the Argentine climate poses challenges for organic peanut farming, we actively strive towards that goal. Our farm meticulously follows organic processes, minimizing pesticide usage through crop rotation, enhancing soil conditions, and maximizing efficiency without relying on fertilizers.

Are your products gluten free?

Absolutely! Our entire product range is gluten-free. Our peanut butters are crafted using peanuts and a small amount of sea salt. It’s important to note that they are manufactured in a facility that also handles gluten and other allergens. Although Stu, our founder, has witnessed his mother-in-law, who is a coeliac, consume our products without any issues so far, he cannot guarantee a completely gluten-free environment in the future.

Do your products cater to vegans and vegetarians?

Absolutely! All of our products are entirely vegan and vegetarian-friendly. Our peanut butters are crafted using peanuts and a small sprinkle of sea salt.